Health Insurance

Health insurance is just as important as any other insurance. Whether you are looking for health insurance for your own family or are a business owner looking to provide group health coverage, Stock Growers Insurance Agency can help you navigate all of the different health insurance plans and options available.

Individual & Family Health Insurance

Maybe it’s because your employer doesn’t offer health insurance or it’s because you are self-employed or unemployed, finding health insurance coverage for you and your family can be confusing. Our agents at Stock Growers Insurance Agency are trained to assist our clients in finding a health insurance plan that fits their needs and budget. We work with multiple insurance providers to offer plan types such as Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), or Point-of-Service (POS). Options to consider include the plan benefits, the cost of deductibles and premiums, and any current or future medical needs.

Group Health Insurance

As a business owner, the ability to offer health insurance is an important aspect in finding and retaining quality employees. The agents at Stock Growers Insurance Agency can work with you to find a group health insurance plan that fits your small to medium-sized business. Depending on your need and budget, plan options include Fee-for-Service (FFS), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or Point-of-Service (POS).

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance helps with the medical expenses for nursing home or home health care options for those who are unable to perform daily tasks and can no longer care for themselves. This is not usually covered under basic healthcare insurance and can assist in paying for nursing homes, hospice care, assisted living, adult daycare, in-home care, and respite care. Anyone looking to qualify for Long-Term Care insurance must meet certain criteria. Our insurance specialists can help you figure out if you qualify.

Temporary Health Insurance

When you switch jobs or have another circumstance that causes a break in your health insurance, having a Temporary Health Insurance Plan can bridge the gap. These short-term plans are designed to cover you in the event of an illness or accident, but do not cover routine medical care such as physical exams and pre-existing conditions. Contact an agent at Stock Growers Insurance Agency to see if a Temporary Health Policy is right for you.

Supplemental Insurance

Once you have your standard health insurance plan, you may realize you need additional coverage for certain specific needs. Our agents at Stock Growers Insurance Agency can work with you to find the supplemental insurance coverage that is right for you. This may include supplemental Medicare Insurance or Maternity Supplemental Insurance. Both of these as well as other types of supplemental insurance that we offer can help cover expenses that are not paid for under your basic health insurance such as deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance.

Disability Income Insurance

Disability Insurance is there to protect your income. If something were to happen and you are unable to work, this coverage makes sure you have the funds to pay bills, buy food, and provide the basic needs for your family. A disability policy usually pays a portion of your income (generally between 50-70%).

Medical Expense Protection

Medical treatment is expensive. When you get sick or hurt, the last thing you should have to worry about is paying your mounting medical bills. With Medical Expense Insurance certain hospital services are covered so you can focus on recovering. Basic Medical Expense Insurance insures certain hospital visits and surgery expenses are covered. With a Major Medical Expense policy, medical events are covered after you have exceeded the limits of your standard health plan. Contact an agent at Stock Growers Insurance Agency to learn which of the these Major Medical Expense policies may be right for you.

Child Health Insurance

Sometimes your health insurance options do not cover your children. In that circumstance, our agents can work with you to find a policy that will provide them with coverage in case they get sick or injured. Options such as Medicaid or your state’s Children’s Health Insurance Program are available as well as policies from other insurance providers that Stock Growers Insurance Agency works with.

Travel Health Insurance

When you are traveling, the last thing you want to worry about is getting sick or hurt. Travel Insurance can cover car accidents, sickness, accidental injury, and medical evacuation when you are away from home. With Travel Insurance from Stock Growers Insurance Agency, our agents can make sure you get the coverage to protect you when traveling abroad.

Prescription Insurance

Prescription medications are expensive and may not be completely covered under your standard health insurance plan. Stock Growers Insurance Agency offers multiple options for Prescription Insurance that can help reduce the cost of medications, cover your co-pays, and make your medications more affordable. With these costs covered, you can focus on your health and not how you are going to pay for your medications.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

If you have a high-deductible health insurance plan and need a nontraditional option to help cover medical costs, a Health Savings Account (HSA) may be the right option. Once your HSA is set up, you decide how much money gets deposited, earn interest on that money, and use that money for certain medical expenses, all tax-free. This account will carry over from year to year until you decide to spend the money on a qualifying medical expense, which is different from a Flexible Spending Account where you would lose your money when the policy renews. Contact an agent at Stock Growers Insurance Agency to see if an HSA is for you.

For more information on health insurance options, contact us or request a quote from Stock Growers Insurance Agency.