Home Insurance

Where you live is not just a house or an apartment – it is your home. Your home and property insurance coverage should be personalized to fit your needs. Our agents at Stock Growers Insurance Agency can work with you to ensure the valuable assets of your home (and the area around it) are protected in the event of a tragedy. Stock Growers Insurance Agency also offers Personal Liability Insurance to protect you against legal action in the unfortunate event someone were to get hurt in your home or on your property.

Tragedies such as tornadoes, fire, or theft can damage your home and property. Whether you rent or own, we at Stock Growers Insurance Agency will work with you to ensure your home is covered if tragedy strikes so you can focus on what matters most – your family.

The Importance of Personal Liability Insurance

Imagine the misfortune of something negative happening on your property or home (like a guest getting hurt or their property being damaged). Personal liability insurance helps cover you in these unfortunate situations if legal action is taken against you.

Personalize Your Property Insurance

Your home is the largest financial investment that you will make. By having a Property Insurance Policy, you make sure events that damage your home, such as fire, severe thunderstorm, snow, and vandalism are covered. Our agents at Stock Growers Insurance Agency are specially trained to ask the questions to help you decide if coverage is needed for other events that may not be covered under a standard policy, such as Flood Insurance.

Personal Property Insurance can protect you financially if you need to replace items due to an accident or theft. Builder’s Risk insurance can protect you as your home is being built or during construction upgrades. If you lose your entire home due to a fire or other event, Dwelling Replacement coverage will provide you with help to rebuild based on your homes current value.

Protect What’s Important with Homeowners Liability Insurance

In the unfortunate event that someone gets seriously hurt on your property, it is important that you are prepared by protecting yourself against the possibility of litigation and any expenses that may occur due to this event. At Stock Growers Insurance Agency, we can help you to protect your home, finances, and other assets that may be used as compensation to cover any accidents that happen on your property. By contacting our agents, they can help you design a Homeowners Liability Policy to protect you against different situations, such as claims for property damage, injury to others and their medical expenses, and costs incurred by possible litigation due to an event that took place on your property.

Protect Yourself When Renting

When renting, events out of your control may be put your personal belongings and valuables at risk. If there is a fire or other catastrophic event that damages the building in which you live, your property management company is responsible for the physical building. In order to protect your personal property, having a Renter’s Insurance policy in place will give you peace of mind and financial security. Our certified agents at Stock Growers Insurance Agency are trained to help you decide which type of coverage is right for you based on your needs.

Protecting Your Condo

Condo Owners Insurance includes features and benefits that are as unique as your condo. If an extreme situation damages your unit, Condo Insurance helps pay for interior property damage that may not be covered by your condominium association. It also covers expenses incurred from other situations (such as if a friend or family member gets hurt on your property & occurs a large medical expense or if a situation occurs that causes your condo to become unfit to live in).

Protecting Your Mobile Home

Your mobile home is your home and you need to protect it as such. By having a Mobile Home Insurance policy, you will have the benefits of a homeowners policy as well as benefits of a policy made specifically for mobile home owners.

Protect Your Valuables With Scheduled Property Insurance

Do you have specific valuable possessions that you want insured above and beyond the basic coverage of your other insurance policies? Scheduled Personal Property (SPP) Insurance works with your current insurance policy to cover extremely valuable items such as jewelry, firearms, and collectibles. In the event tragedy strikes and one of your items is stolen or damaged in a covered event, your Scheduled Personal Property policy will help cover the cost to replace or repair your items.

Protecting Yourself as a Landlord

At Stock Growers Insurance Agency, our agents can help you design a Landlord Policy to cover the special circumstances to protect you as a landlord in the event your investment property is damaged due to natural disaster, fire, or tenants. Benefits can also include liability protection if someone happens to get hurt on your rental property and coverage of loss of rental income if your unit is damaged and unable to be rented.

Protect Your Home-Based Business

When your business is based out of your home, it is essential that you have the correct insurance policies to cover both your home and your business. At Stock Growers Insurance Agency, our agents will work with you to make sure you get an In-Home Business Policy to cover your needs above what your standard Homeowners Policy insures. This additional protection may include benefits such as professional liability and coverage of personal property used for business so you can continue to work if you happen to have a covered event.

For more information about the specific type of home and property insurance that is right for you, contact us or request a quote.