Life Insurance

Protect What Matters Most

Your family is your life. If something unexpected were to happen to you, you would want to know that they are safe and sound. Our agents want to work with you to make sure your family stays covered in the event of your death.

Life insurance will help make sure your family can pay off your debts, estate taxes and funeral costs. It also provides funds to pay your mortgage, and also in some cases keep your business up and running after your passing.

Whatever your situation, we offer Life Insurance options, such as:

Individual Life Insurance

No one likes to think about the possibility of their untimely death, but unfortunately we have to consider what will happen to our loved ones in that situation. Life insurance helps ease the worry of that by taking care of mortgage payments, lost income, and your child’s education funding. Stock Growers Insurance Agency offers a few different options for individual life insurance: term life, whole life, and others.

Term Life: Usually the least expensive and easiest option. It is coverage for a specific time period and the same fixed rate. The benefit is only payed out if the insured were to pass away during that specific time period.

Whole Life: The most common permanent life insurance option. This policy promises benefits for the insured person’s lifetime and a cash value account for savings. The premium stays the same, and any payments exceeding that go to the savings, which earn interest.

Group Life Insurance

Stock Growers Insurance Agency offers many different options for Group Life insurance. As an employer, there are advantages for you such as income-tax deductible premiums while also keeping your employees happy with an impressive benefits package.

To learn what options are available for your company and find the best fit for you, please contact one of our insurance agents.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance helps with the medical expenses for nursing home or home health care options for those who are unable to perform daily tasks and can no longer care for themselves. This is not usually covered under basic healthcare insurance and can assist in paying for nursing homes, hospice care, assisted living, adult daycare, in-home care, and respite care.

Anyone looking to qualify for Long-Term Care insurance must meet certain criteria. Our insurance specialists can help you figure out if you qualify.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

One of the largest expenses that your family might have to deal with after your death is the home mortgage. Mortgage protection will help them pay off any outstanding payments up to a certain amount. This is an easy way to make sure your family can stay in their home without financially crippling them.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance is there to protect your income. If something were to happen and you are unable to work, this coverage makes sure you have the funds to pay bills, buy food, and provide the basic needs for your family. A disability policy usually pays a portion of your income (generally between 50-70%).

Second-To-Die Insurance

Also known as Survivorship Insurance, allows you to postpone estate taxes until after the second spouse passes away. Due to this policy being so specialized, talk to your insurance agent at Stock Growers Insurance Agency to find out which options are available to you.

Key Person (Key Men) Insurance

This is a life insurance policy taken out on an employee to help a business continue to function after the loss of the essential employee. Ask your insurance agent for more details to find the right fit for your business needs.

Please contact Stock Growers Insurance Agency to request a quote or for more information about Life Insurance options available.